Registered Name: Squareclose Tammi A.K.C. # Breed: English Springer
Sex: Female Color: Liver & White Date Whelped:
March 5, 2004


FTW Squareclose Metz

FTCH Clarburgh Art

FTCH Kenine Robb of Rytex
FTW Badgercourt Gryphon
Birtenshaw Bramble

FTCH Sunnybrae Siskin

U.K. Championship winner

FTCH Windmillwood Shot
FTW Bishwell Susan
FTAW Anahoe Emma

FTCH Laganmill Maestro

Irish Championship winner

FTCH Jenoren Boss
FTCH Barmag Bradie

FTCH Cindy Of Antrim

Irish Championship winner

Flintmountain Gorse
Still hopeful


FTAW Whitehope Serotina

No. 0316CM

Ian Christle
168 Hight St

FTCH Millshadow Astor

Irish Championship winner

FTCH Kenine Robb of Rytex
FTW Badgercourt Gryphon
FTW Birtenshaw Bramble

Int FTCH Philips Girl

UK Championship winner

IFTCH Badgercourt Warlord
Leadberry Bramble
FTCH Hardill Gilda

FTCH Rascal Risk of Parkbreck

FTCH Badgercourt Moss
Skipmeg Susie

FTCH Cortman Candy

FTCH Barrowden Willow
FTCH Feaer Candy